Self-belief is the magic key that can open up a better, brighter future, one where you actually do all the things you dream of doing, even though you don't know how to do any of them just yet!

It’s not just about knowing you'll figure it out somehow but also being your own cheer leader, backing yourself, step by step, following your own star, comparing yourself to no one, doing it your way and in your own time, enjoying the adventure, seeing how far you can go, surprising yourself and moving beyond old self-imposed limits. And at the end of the day you look back and realise that even though it was important to reach your destination – the journey was equally important.

Similarly the journey of discovery and finding your way through a brand new place is not an easy one, but getting stuck, needing help, scratching your head and going back to the drawing board are all part of this journey that helps you dare to do bigger, to be bolder , stretching yourself into the new territories, to be different than you were yesterday. Such is the story of all immigrants.

What’s it really like to live in New Zealand?

Here I take you to our next episode of Migrant Tales, where we bring you different stories of immigrants and their tales about settling in New Zealand and their experiences in their adopted country.

It’s their self-belief that has enabled them to achieve what they have today: a successful and happy life. But as it is said anything that comes without hard-work and struggle does not last very long. These people also have gone through ups and downs of life to reach where they are today.
So let’s take a sneak into the life of one of our reader’s and find out from her experiences, what it is really like to make a life in this country..

Asha Dang

“It’s not easy to leave a place where you’ve been living for more than 30 years. But for our kids’ sake and in search of success and a better life for our family, I and my husband decided to move to the country of sails about 15 years ago. I was a teacher in Central School back in India and when we got to know that teachers get paid really well in New Zealand, I was quite sure and happy that we would not have to see hard times there (in New Zealand). But things are not always the same as you think they would be. I had to go through registration for my occupation which required a lot of paper work and most of all, time.

Though my husband was also working, but due to the high cost-of-living in NZ, it was not easy to bear all expenses by one man’s earnings.

Having two young kids with me, I couldn’t think of sitting free at home and waiting for a teaching job to knock at my door.

While all this process was going on, I decided to do ANY job I could find to feed my kids. There was a time when I did many jobs at a time. It was definitely hard for a lady of my age. But because I was determined and had the belief in my-self that ‘YES! I CAN DO IT’, I did not bother about what was coming my way. I was taught one thing that you just have to keep moving to reach your goal and that’s what I did. My hard-work bore me fruits very soon. I got my Teacher’s registration. Not immediately but in a while I got part-time teaching offers and after that our life picked-up.

My husband and I worked harder after that and now we are living a good satisfactory life. Working as a teacher, no I also own building and construction business in Auckland, which would have been an unachievable dream for us in India.

I believe that though you have to work harder initially, but your growth graph rises two times faster here, than in India. I think that it’s an inspiration for new migrants. To all those who are struggling here in NZ, I would I would like to say, believe in yourself, do not run away from hard-work and success is all yours.”
If you’ve already migrated to New Zealand these tales may help you to realise that other people are having the same problems as you and you’re not alone in your experiences.

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