Five years after first joining hands with the biggest Diwali festival of New Zealand in Auckland as an exclusive community print media partner, The Indian Weekender is joining hands with the second biggest Diwali Festival in Wellington.

This year Wellington Diwali Festival is scheduled on Sunday, October 28, from 1.30 pm to 9.30 pm at the TSB and Shed 6 Venues in Wellington.

The festival is brought to the community by Wellington City Council and produced by Communities Action Trust NZ (CATNZ).

Wellington Diwali Festival, like the Auckland Diwali Festival, was launched by the Asia New Zealand Foundation in 2002 as part of its mission to increase New Zealanders' understanding of Asia.

The festival of Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival celebrating the triumph of light over darkness and the renewal of life, which is now also celebrated by other faiths in India and in overseas Indian communities – including here in New Zealand.

The families celebrate by lighting clay lamps, fireworks, sharing of sweets, and worshipping Lakshmi, the goddess of love, wealth and prosperity.

The Indian Weekender is proud to join hands with the iconic Wellington Diwali Festival in showcasing and celebrating Indian culture and traditions with the wider Wellington community.

About Wellington

Wellington is New Zealand's centre of government and is considered the country's cultural capital and the third most populous urban area in New Zealand with a sizeable population of the Indian community.

The Wellington region is home to many diverse cultures, with Statistics New Zealand estimating around 25 per cent of the people in Wellington are born overseas.

Recently Deutsche Bank had named Wellington city with the best quality of life in 2018, beating 50 global cities to the top spot.

The Indian Weekender to take ‘Mr and Ms Diwali’ to Wellington

For the uninitiated, since 2016 The Indian Weekender has been organising a cultural pageant show – ‘Mr & Ms Diwali’ – in the Auckland Diwali Festival, whereby enticing fresh talents from the community on the biggest cultural platform of the country.

The pageant-show is fast becoming popular and eagerly-awaited among the regular festival-goers, and aspiring talents for it gives a unique opportunity to many untested-talents in the community to make a mark for themselves.

The advertisers have identified the potential of the show and generously supported so far with exciting prizes, which included a return flight ticket to Singapore up until last year.

More than the actual show on the day of the festival, Mr & Ms Diwali show has garnered some undiluted adulation from Aucklanders for the process involved in the lead up to the festival which involves auditioning, practices, talent round and questioning in front of a live audience.

This year The Indian Weekender is taking that cultural pageant show – Mr & Ms Diwali – to Wellington Diwali Festival.

The intention is to give Wellingtonians a chance to enjoy a show that promises to be something different and new in this year’s Wellington Diwali Festival.

It is expected that Wellingtonians will be bestowing the same love and encouragement to The Indian Weekender’s Mr & Ms Diwali as they have been providing to other performers and art groups so far.