Wife of the Indian man Davinder Singh, who died in Middlemore Hospital on Sunday, August 19, following a heart attack while sleeping, is hoping that her brother from India could join for the funeral in next couple of days.

The family had hit gut-wrenching disaster on Sunday, August 19, when Mr Singh suffered a heart attack, followed by a brain haemorrhage in his sleep soon after returning from work.

Mr Singh is survived by a daughter and wife, who is currently in Auckland on a visitor visa.

The wife of Mr Singh, Kirandeep Kaur had arrived in the country on the visitor visa and was supposed to return back to India after knowing she was expecting the couple’s second child when the disaster struck the family.

Mr Singh is survived by his Mother and siblings back in Punjab.

Several leaders of the community who were present in the hospital told the Indian Weekender that the man belonged to the Indian state of Punjab.

Kharak Singh, one of the community leaders who has been helping the family since Sunday told the Indian Weekender, that the family had decided to do the funeral here in Auckland only.

“The family, with a heavy heart would like to proceed ahead with funeral plans in Auckland.

“The mother and siblings of Mr Singh cannot make to the funeral in Auckland since they do not have passports.

“However, Ms Kaur is hoping if she can get her brother from India to join in this distressing stage of her life and participate in the funeral due in next couple of days,” Kharak Singh told the Indian Weekender.

“We are making contacts with the office of the Indian High Commission and seeking their help, if possible for any urgent visa facilitation for Ms Kaur’s brother,” Kharak Singh said.

The details of the funeral will be announced soon.