A 36-year-old Indian man has died, and his father critically injured after an accident on the highway leaving his family devastated.

Amit Kumar Bonsrey worked in a factory in Adelaide and was delivering goods to Mildura, a city in the northwest of Victoria, Australia on Monday, April 30. Since it was a long drive to the destination, Amit’s father accompanied him on his journey, SBS Hindi reported.

Amit’s truck collided with an approaching truck on Sturt Highway, Wigley Flat in South Australia leaving him dead and his father critically injured. Amit’s father, Jagmal Singh Bonsrey, 58, is undergoing treatment at Royal Adelaide Hospital.

The accident site on Sturt Highway, Wigley Flat in South Australia (Picture: SBS Hindi)

“His father accompanied him on the drive as it was a long drive. He has been injured and has undergone a 16-hour surgery three days ago. He remains in critical condition,” an acquaintance of the deceased Surender Chahal told SBS Hindi.

Amit is survived by his wife, Jasvinder Kaur, a 15-year-old daughter and one-year-old son.

Since the family is now left with no source of income, friends and family of the victim has started a fundraising campaign to help support the family.

Amit Kumar's father Jagpal Singh Bonsrey (Picture: SBS Hindi)

“As a community here, our role starts now. I request the community to stand by late Amit Kumar’s family and provide help,” Surender Chahal told SBS Hindi.