A group of passionate people in Canterbury is  hoping to invoke traditional Kiwi generosity and the Kiwi-Indian compassion for those less fortunate back in India to support Shanti Bhawan - a local school in the Indian city of Bangalore.

The story of Shanti Bhawan school, which houses some of the most impoverished children in the city of Bangalore, a city that prides itself as India’s Silicon Valley for being the hub of dollar-minting information technology companies is indeed the story of stark contrasts that our human societies are known to reflect – concealing islands of poverty within the oasis of wealth.

WebFair.co.nz, a community funding website was created by a group of passionate people in Canterbury to provide a platform for community groups to raise money utilising the currency of gifting.

Donna Morris, a local Kiwi resident and closely involved with the initiative of Webfair, had watched a documentary on Netflix called The Daughters of Destiny that inspired her to take an initiative to raise funds in New Zealand for the poor and the impoverished children in India.

Ms Morris’ visit to Shanti Bhavan Children’s School in Bangalore, India drove her to contribute her part to make the lives of children better.

“The beautiful smiles from the children at Shanti Bhavan have inspired me to fundraise for them here in New Zealand.  My visit in September to Shanti Bhavan Children’s project in Bangalore to see how the expansive vision of Dr George Abraham works was life-changing for me,” Ms Morris said.

The school has been operating for more than 20 years and was set up to educate and change the lives of children from some of the most impoverished communities in India.

Shanti Bhavan’s work is a totally reimagined way to educate children who would otherwise live their lives in poverty, and the organisation has offered the children a life of dignity and achievement. 

“Supporting children through boarding school, college and university, then on to MBA programmes is not only changing the lives of the children but it is dealing with the problem of generational debt.

“Shanti Bhavan is truly an innovative vision with amazing impact for what will ultimately impact on thousands of people,” Ms Morris added.

Shanti Bhavan has broken through the barriers that poverty creates through education and an abundance of love.  Given quality education and constant encouragement, children are given the opportunity to realise their full potential as successful, socially conscious members of society.

Ms Morris is encouraging the community to come forward and help build a child’s future. She also appealed to the business community which can get involved by gifting/donating items or vouchers. 

“Who doesn’t love giving a gift,” she added.

The Shanti Bhavan webfair runs until the Friday, December 14 and can be visited at https://webfair.co.nz/fairs/shanti-bhavan-childrens-project-india.

Webfair.co.nz has received the authority from Shanti Bhavan to raise funds on its behalf.