The Police have moved swiftly and arrested a 41-year-old man from Flat Bush three days after an Indian origin mum, Arishma Singh, was found dead in her South Auckland home late in the night.

The man due to appear in the Manukau District Court on Thursday, November 16 and will be charged with murder.

Initially, it was suspected that Ms Singh who had then just returned from a party might have disturbed an intruder inside the property resulting in this grim outcome.

However, the police quickly overruled this view after a more detailed investigation of the crime scene and circumstances around the death.

Detective Inspector Gary Lendrum told in a media stand up on Monday, that police does not believe that it was a random attack.

“We don’t believe that this is a random attack.

At this initial stage in our inquiry, we believe that the offender was known to the victim in some way,” Mr Lendrum said.

Time line of the incident:

Police were called to an address in Maich Road, Manurewa at around 1 a.m. on Sunday, November 12.

Upon arrival the police located a deceased woman in her 20s inside the address.

As a result of an initial assessment of the scene, the police launched a homicide inquiry into the incident.

Media was told that the deceased Arishma Singh had been to a party along with a friend and had returned home just around quarter to 1 a.m. on Sunday, November 12.

She lived with her parents, Rakesh and Aradhna Singh, with her three-year-old daughter, after separation from her former husband.

Ms Singh, also known as Archana Chand, was found by her parents lying on the floor of her bedroom "in a pool of blood" in the early hours of the morning.

Ms Singh's parents were also out in the night seeing a relative when they received a phone call from Ms Singh forcing them to return immediately, only to find their daughter dead in a pool of blood.

The Police were able to zero in the gap of "unaccounted time" from about 12.40 a.m. to 1 a.m. when police suspected that the intruder might have got in and death would have happened.