A Kiwi-Indian Sikh truck driver had apparently been punched and wetted by a water-hose after being subjected to a racist slur of “go back to your country,” recorded live on mobile, in a South Auckland safe storage facility.

A video going viral on the social media today clearly depicts a resident washing his car was appalled by a passing truck’s speed, or the ethnicity of the driver as the video suggest, to the extent that usual f*** word tirade was followed by “go back to your country” tirade.

The victim in question, Bikramjit Singh Mattran, who owns and operates a truck business, was parking his truck at a storage facility in South Auckland when this incident occurred.

Indian Weekender spoke with Mr Mattran to investigate further about the incident, who told that probably he was driving slightly faster than the usual 5 KM speed limit restriction inside the safe storage business facility but was vigil and safe.

Mr Mattaran said that “I am not sure why that gentleman launched a racial tirade against me. It possibly could be because I might be going slightly faster. 

For that matter, even car washing was not allowed in the vicinity as I confirmed with the facility manager this morning.”

When Mr Mattaran defended that he was a New Zealander and this country belongs to him as clearly heard on the video, the gentleman in question was not impressed and asked the question “Were you born here?” 

On persistently defending and refusing to take this racist slur, Mr Mattran was charged by the attacker probably to snatch away the mobile.

Indian Weekender has been told that Mr Mattaran was punched and wetted as well when attempts to snatch away the mobile being used to record a video was unsuccessful. 

Mr Mattaran had posted this video to New Zealand Police Facebook page where he was advised immediately to lodge a formal complaint at Manukau or Otahuhu Police Station as it was a serious matter.

At the time of speaking with Indian Weekender, Mr Mattaran was loading his truck to proceed further to deliver it for his clients on time and did not have an opportunity to lodge a formal complaint with the police.

He plans to lodge his formal complaint in the evening after completing his job.

Mr Mattran reckons that the “punching” and “wetting” should be recorded on the CCTV at the premises.

Indian weekender's attempts to contact the business at whose premise this alleged incident occurred to verify the facts as claimed by Mr Mattaran was unsuccessful as the staff there declined to make any comment on the record.