Minister of Police Poto Williams has confirmed that around 500 vulnerable retailers would be eligible to get financial and logistical support under the government’s $6 million new Crime Prevention program funding.

The Minister was speaking in Auckland this morning while unveiling the new Crime Prevention program to be managed by the police as a response to the dramatic spate in retail crime recently.

“This funding will enable Police to work closely with vulnerable small retailers to identify effective and practical solutions based on the particular features of each location.”

"Police will also look at the range of crime and security risks each small retailer may face, and other options such as fog cannons, security alarms, or screens may be considered," Williams said.

The Police would start to work with five retailers for the fund, and the Minister expects that over 500 retailers would apply and be eligible for the package support.

The program will initially be started in Auckland and then expanded if needed.

The task of identifying the vulnerable retailers who will meet eligibility criteria will take months.

The package will allow for funding of measures such as bollards, fog canons, security screens and alarms.