A 34 year old Indian man who was on open work visa has died early morning today in Taupo hospital.

Pramod Kanade had first arrived in NZ in 2018 on a student visa for studying Diploma in hospitality and business management in Auckland and has moved to Taupo in September 2020 after completing his studies. 

He is survived by his wife Namrata, who is on a partnership visa based on Paramod's visa and has arrived only a year ago to join Pramod in the country. 

The family has expressed the desire to take him back home in India at the earliest possible option so that his family can see him for one last time before bidding a final farewell. 

Originally, from Mumbai in India, Pramod is survived by an old mother and two sisters who were married. 

Last year he was diagnosed with the fourth stage of terminal cancer and has been undergoing chemotherapy and kept in good spirits told Mr Bihendra.

Pramod was shifted from Taupo hospital to Rotorua hospital last night after complaining of fever, breathlessness and abdominal pain where immediate medical attention was provided to alleviate the pain and discomfort. However, he passed away this morning. 

The Indian Weekender has spoken with a close friend of Pramod - Mr Bijendra -who is coordinating with the funeral home and the office of the Indian High Commission. 

"The Indian High Commission has assured all support, including financial support, for arranging final repatriation," Bijendra said.

Revealing more about Pramod, Bijendra said that he always remained in high spirits and was looking forward to travel back home in India to see his old and ailing mother. 

"He was a good and brother as he worked hard and always sent money back home to support his mother and sisters," Bijendra said.