Founder of the Haridham at Sokhda near Vadodra and the Yogi Divine Society, Hariprasad Swami ji passed away late on Monday night (July 26).

The spiritual leader breathed his last at the Bhailal Amin General Hospital.

A press release from the Hindu Divine Society said, "Yogi Divine Society’s beloved spiritual master H.D.H Hariprasad Swamiji has left his body to permanently reside in Akshardham.

"He will forever remain in our hearts and his wisdom will always inspire us to live a life of purpose. To offer him a peaceful tribute Yogi Divine Society have held a prayer session to offer a peaceful tribute to Hari Prasad Swamiji. Saturday 31st July from 7:30pm onwards Venue: Mount Albert war memorial hall 773 New north road, Mt Albert" Yogi Divine Society said. 

Members of public wishing to contact the organsiing team could contact Nirav Savaliya of Youth Divine Society at 02040389108.