An unprovoked attack by an irate customer in a pizza shop in Helensville on Saturday, July 3, has left a chef with a broken nose and a fractured jaw. 

The owner and the staff at the Fire n Slice pizza shop were left stunned with the suddenness of the assault and equally astounded with the manner of verbal blitz that accompanied the assault on Saturday night. 

The Indian Weekender spoke with one of the co-owners, Dheeraj Bhardwaj, this morning, who shared details of the bizarre conversation that happened with the inebriated customer who seems to be bit worked up because he thought his pizza order was a couple of minutes late and had already broken an empty beer bottle in the shop at 5 pm, Saturday.

“Do you believe in God,” the irate customer asked the person behind the counter.  

“Yes, I do believe in God. I am a Muslim,” Kazi Shoaib, the chef, said from behind the counter. 

Dheeraj told the Indian Weekender that worked-up conversation was followed by a “heavy punch” that forced the scared chef to run for his life to the nearby petrol station. 

The staff at the petrol station locked the store from inside, while the other co-owner Anuj Jhangra called the police, which arrived within minutes. 

Recalling the assault incident and how it impacted the staff, Dheeraj said, “The customer drunk and had already broken a glass bottle of beer, and the staff had politely requested him to wait outside while his order gets ready.”

“The man then started walking into the counter area where he pushed other staff as well,” Dheeraj said.

He then punched the chef in the face leaving his nose broken and jaw damaged.

 Image: Pizza Chef Kazi Shoaib

However, strangely, he started apologising for his behaviour and asked not to call the cops, but Anuj Jangra, the other owner of the pizza place, called the cops having him arrested.

Meanwhile, chef Shoaib went to the Northshore hospital on Sunday, where he is being treated for a broken nose and fractured jaw. 

The assaulter is to be presented at the Northshore Court on Monday, July 5. 

“We will leave it up to the police and the justice system to take care of the attacker,” Dheeraj said.