The Indian Weekender’s 25 NZ-India Community Leaders List 2021 celebrates and acknowledges some of the most influential individuals and leaders for the role they play in the general well-being of the Kiwi-Indian community in New Zealand.

This year the focus is on celebrating some of the most dedicated and committed community leaders within the Kiwi-Indian community for their tireless and passionate work in supporting others.

Every community has heroes who either rise to specific occasions or work on a daily basis to support other’s life-journey.

They are the ones who make a difference within our community. They are passionate about their causes and make valuable contributions to every organization in which they are involved.

They are the people who are dedicated, committed and involved whenever called upon to assist and help others, regardless of the situation.

In most instances, they are not chasing instantaneous fame, in lieu of their time, energy and efforts, in helping others, but a satisfaction of being able to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

They may have formed dedicated community organizations to channelize their own individual efforts with those of other like-minded people in the community or are working as office bearers of pre-existing organizations towards the same cherished goal of helping others within the community.

Given that the Kiwi-Indian community is a migrant community, which constitutes of people whose lives are often stretched out emotionally and physically across the boundaries of many nations, there are more likelihood of members of the community requiring more help and assistance of others, thus putting exceptional pressures on the time and energy of our community leaders.

Not many could comprehend and appreciate the level of sacrifice that these community leaders or their immediate families have to bear, especially in terms of time and energy, when they stretch out beyond their resources to help others.

Therefore, in 2021 – the year when Covid has caused much disruption within our communities – the Indian Weekender has taken upon itself to celebrate and acknowledge the immense contribution of some of the leading and influential community leaders.

Without their dedication, compassion, and commitment to one and all, we would have far lesser resources than we have now in ensuring general well-being within our Kiwi-Indian community.

The Indian Weekender salutes their immense contribution to our migrant community.

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