Auckland Tamil Association has launched a "Women's Well-Being Program" at its customary new year celebratory event held on Saturday, April 24, at Freemans Bay, Auckland.

Tamil New Year is celebrated on April 14, like many other South Asian Communities, and celebrated with much fervour all around the world, including in New Zealand.

This year Auckland Tamil Association gave a special flavour to its New Year celebratory event by focussing on a special launch of the "Women's Well Being program" by highlighting the immense role of women in the Kiwi Indian community and beyond and acknowledging the importance of ensuring their general well-being.

The chief guests of the evening Labour MP Vanushi Walters National MP Melissa Lee, former National MP Kanwaljit Bakshi and Ranjna Patel, Founder Gandhi Niwas, unveiled the logo and praised the initiative and expressed the need to be inclusive and work together for the good of a larger purpose.

The special program named "Wahine," – which literally means "woman" (in Maori and Polynesian language) - especially a surfer symbolising the passion, the courage of navigating through the challenges of life is founded by Mallika Janakiraman.

Sharing her thoughts behind the special name of Wahine for this program, Mallika said, "The name inspires well-being and nourishment of the mind, body and heart by connecting, supporting and enabling resources."

Three special Kiwi-Indian women Mandeep Kaur, Sr. Sgt NZ Police, Shruthi Vijayakumar, Coach and Strategist, and Namrata Kapadi Social worker, were facilitated for their immense contribution in public life and being an inspirational role model for the women across all migrant communities.

Speaking on occasion, Mandeep Kaur, Sr. Sgt NZ Police, emphasised the first basic step of "well-being" was to understand and accept that "it was okay to be not okay."

Vai Ravindran, President ATA, welcomed the guest and set the agenda for the evening with a quote by a Tamil poet Poongunranar, "To us, all towns are our own, everyone is our kin," highlighting the organisation's ethos to reflect an inclusive and collaborative mindset to make a good cause better. 

The "Women well-being program" will embrace every woman of the South Asian Indian communities in New Zealand and strive to make a positive contribution to their overall well-being.

The launch event witnessed enthusiastic participation from many community organisations of different ethnicities.

Tamil magazine launched

A Tamil magazine was launched by Auckland Tamil Association on occasion, which was unveiled by former National MP Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, showcasing the Association’s work in the community over the years, especially the relief work done during the Covid lockdowns in close cooperation with the Consulate of India’s office.

The organisers of the recently concluded Tamil Premier League – a cricket league on the model of India’s famous Indian Premier League – in Auckland were also facilitated at the event.