In a hurriedly convened press conference just now Director General of Public Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield has announced that the government is considering some additional measures to manage the risk on flights coming from India. 

Siting the continuous rise in the number of arriving passengers from India testing possitive one Day 0 & 1 of their stay in MIQ facilities in New Zealand (which included 17 new cases in MIQ today) Dr Bloomfield said that the government has sought official advice from the department of pubklic health, which theyhave provided. 

"Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is expected to announce new restrictive measures on inward travel from India in a press conference later this afternoon," Dr Bloomfoedl said. 

"India has emerged as the number one hotspot of Covid cases with around 100,000 cases being reported every day, followed by the United States and Brazil."

"Nearly half of those cases are in the cities of Mumbai & Delhi, from where flights to New Zealand are emanating and coming to New Zealand via Dubai."

"You should be aware that in recent days both these cities were brought under curfew recently by respective authorities."

These rising rates [of Covid cases] are most likely explanation for substantial increase in the number of travellers here being possitive on arrival."

"Today's number - 17 of 24 - are peole who travelled from India."

"We have been asked to and we have provided advise to the government on how best to manage the increased risk arising from this situation that is the increased risk of inflight transmission on those long haul flight arriving in New Zealand - so ofcourse an increased risk to border workers working on those facilities and other workers," Dr Bloomfield said.  

"An Announcement based on that adivce is expected from the government this afternoon," Dr Bloomfield said. 

More to come