Takanini Gurudwara over the last one week has invited community members from all over Auckland for free food bags this Christmas season.

The Gurudwara under Supreme Sikh Society NZ has over the last few months distributed several thousand food bags helping families survive through different levels of lockdown in the country.

The Gurudwara keeps at least 20 bags ready every day to be collected by the needy, and during the last weekend hosted over 1700 people from the community in their premises to collect the food bags.

“We have been hosting a free food drive for a while, but since its Christmas and we as a community have steered through this difficult year together, we invite our whanau members to pick up food bags that will come as an additional resource for their family during this Christmas and New year holidays,” Daljit Singh from SSSNZ said.

SSSNZ earlier this year was bestowed with the NZ Food Heroes Award 2020 for their philanthropic work during Covid lockdowns in the country.

The food bags had break packet, fresh fruits, milk, juice boxes, ice cream blocks, some essential vegetables and snacks.

“We have crossed over 2000 bags in the last week alone and are expecting a good footfall during the Christmas and New year holidays too,” Mr Singh added.

Sikh Children’s Day

Over 550 children from the community have enrolled for the annual Sikh Children Day event on Saturday and Sunday, 26-27 December at the Takanini Gurudwara premises.

The annual event will have kirtan, speech, Gurbani Kanth, Sikh art, poem, essay, Gurbani recitation, gatka and dastar competition and almost all sports competitions except kabaddi for the children to participate.

The two-day event is expected to bring over 10,000 people to the venue, not just from the Sikh but also from the wider community. There will be free food (langar) service for all visitors.