Diwali is one of the most significant festivals in the Indian culture and is celebrated with light, show and music by the diaspora in New Zealand.

Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust based in Auckland hosted multiple Diwali celebrations at different venues for the community. The biggest celebration was for the Senior Citizens Roskill Group that was held on Saturday, Nov 28 at Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall with over 250 seniors and eminent dignitaries gracing the auspicious occasion. 

“It was wonderful to see all of our Seniors dressed up in their finery for this occasion,” Bhartiya Samaj Chair, Mr Jeet Suchdev wishing everyone present at the event said.

The highlights of the event were the felicitation of Minister of Transport and Workplace Relations and safety Michael Wood for his new Ministerial role, milestone birthday celebrations of senior citizens turning 80 and 90-years-old.

“Once birthday celebration was done, an impromptu dhol performance by community member Kiranjit Singh startled everyone and instilled a sense of enthusiasm into all the members, and everyone jumped to the dance floor,” a spokesperson from Bhartiya Samaj said.

Stunning performances were put up by dancers Simran Chaddha, Parul Juneja and the children of Sanskriti Dance Academy. Entertainment programs, delicious cuisine, live music and the dance floor were some of the main attractions of this special event.

“The fabulous success of the event was a result of contribution and unequivocal support of the Executive committee of Bhartiya Samaj, volunteers, organisers, performers and the community that collectively supported us to make this event a grand success,” Mr Suchdev said.

Other Diwali events hosted by Bhartiya Samaj were for South Auckland and Flatbush seniors which were attended by over 55 members. The Children Wing of Bhartiya Samaj also celebrated Diwali at The Multicultural Playgroup and Language and Cultural School during the week.

As a tradition of Bhartiya Samaj, a Diwali celebration was hosted at David Lange Care Home for the seniors residing there.

“It has always been a blessing to share this festive spirit with these senior members who have limitations of stepping out of the care home and celebrating the festival. The rest home was beautifully decorated depicting our culture, and we all cheered the Seniors to the tunes of famous Bollywood songs which they thoroughly enjoyed.

“It was wonderful to see them smile and rejoice the beautiful moments,” Mr Suchdev added.