An Auckland based member of the Kiwi-Indian community Kharag Singh has become an overnight sensation on social media after popular singer Diljit Dosanjh shared their dance video from his official handle of social media account, Instagram.

Singh was dancing in a dinner-event hosted on Saturday night to celebrate the recent election of Labour Party’s MP Dr Neru Leavasa for the new electorate of Takanini in Auckland.

Singh was part of Dr Leavasa’s election-campaign team and was dancing on the tunes of Dosanjh’s hugely popular song “G.O.A.T.S.,” when he pulled his wife as well on the dance floor and then the couple instantly mesmerised everyone leaving the floor to themselves.

This youthful and exuberant display of energy and passion, obviously on his famous song, caught Dosanjh’s attention, and he immediately shared the video from his official handle on Instagram.

A screenshot of the video posted on star Diljit Dosanjh's Instagram page

Dosanjh has shared quite a few unique dance clips on his popular song that has become a sensation from all around the world, including one on August 20 from Switzerland where a group of Swiss girls were seen dancing on tunes of his song at a popular local beach.

However, what was so special in this instance, was Dosanjh’s special words for Kharag Singh’s passion, energy, youthfulness along with dancing skills with a sweet caption ‘This Better Be Us in 40 Years.’

Dosanjh said ‘Kamaal Di Energy… Dil Khush Ho Geya Dekh Ke’ that roughly translates to ‘What an impressive energy… I am so delighted to see this’.

Already making waves on social media, the video shared by Dosanjh received a further 1.5 million views along with over 2400 comments commending the energy of the dance and the performer.

Kharag Singh

Dosanjh is an immensely talented Punjabi singer, actor, who performs in Punjabi movies and Bollywood and have 10.4 million followers on social media platform Instagram.

Meanwhile, acknowledging the overnight sensation that his dance video has received after Dosanjh’s sharing on social media Singh also expressed gratitude on his own social media post saying “I am humbled to have received such a huge response not just from our community members but also a great Punjabi and Bollywood star.”

Speaking with The Indian Weekender, Mr Singh said the real credit goes to a community member from Auckland Shan Lea who first posted the video on social media platform TikTok with caption ‘Couple Goals’.

Kharag Singh (second from left) with Labour Party winning candidate Dr Neru Leavasa (second from right) and other community members at the event last Saturday (Photo: Kharag Singh Facebook Page)

“At the event last Saturday, I was celebrating Dr Leavasa’s victory in the elections.

“To my friends and community members, I would say when there is a happy moment, live it, celebrate it, share it, and that is what you can see in the dance video shot and posted on social media,” Mr Singh added.