A Kiwi Indian IT engineer and entrepreneur based in Auckland is launching New Zealand’s first and perhaps only online-based multiple services mobile app and website. 

Suresh Mogili, an IT engineer with a speciality in hardware such as mobile, computer and electronic items, had been exploring for a business idea using his talents in computers and its applications. 

A sample layout of the Run4Me app (Photo: Supplied)

During his research, Suresh came across the idea for an app and website that serves multiple purposes for a consumer from one platform. Delving further into developing this concept, Suresh found that there are several companies or apps that offer different services but not a simple platform that brings various services to one place, like a one-stop-shop solution.

Introducing e-commerce platform ‘Run4Me’, a specialized app and website for online essentials sales, and deliveries all over New Zealand, rideshare for passenger and also other services involved in one place. 

Entrepreneur Suresh Mogili and a sample layout of the Run4Me app (Photo: Supplied)

Speaking about his start-up, entrepreneur Suresh Mogili says Run4Me is one of a kind designed to provide benefits to both businesses/vendors and consumers alike. 

“Run4me will benefit businesses and vendors, increase sales, keep the businesses busy as we promote partnering businesses on our platform, watch the orders come in through doors online, reach more customers, attract new local customers and keep them coming back for more,” Suresh said. 

Run4Me Logo and merchandise bags (Photo: Supplied)

The website and app for a start will have delivery services such as food, alcohol, groceries including fruits, All meat, medicines, baby products, paper bags for a retail business with Run4Me branding and courier services to deliver them on the same day. 

Suresh adds that all products will be sold online or through the app as listed on Run4me, and the customers will have the liberty to choose whatever categories they want on the app. 

A sample layout of the Run4Me app (Photo: Supplied)

Other services include taxi (rideshare) services, hotel or backpacker bookings, packers and movers, labour supply for companies, car rentals and hiring drivers, all on one platform. 

For listing on the app, Suresh says the host will have best charges for businesses compared to the ones offered in the market, will have the best payout for drivers and attractive prices, discounts and promotions for consumers buying products or services from Run4Me. 

Suresh says that concerning deliveries of products and services; he already has a fleet of vehicles owned and branded Run4Me with over 200 drivers registered in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and a few other cities around New Zealand. 

A sample layout of the Run4Me app (Photo: Supplied)

Run4me is tying up with companies in retail and food sector such as restaurants takeaways, grocery, meat, alcohol retailer etc. and also act as their delivery partner to get the products or services delivered to their doorsteps safely and on time.

“We have special services for businesses such as take orders from phone calls from customers, do delivery for them at minimal cost, use dedicated drivers for phone call orders, businesses can request multi-deliveries at the same time, add multi-branches on Run4Me and also add their other business with the same registered account number,” Suresh said. 

Suresh Mogili with his delivery cars

Marketing the to be launched e-commerce site, Suresh said he would be doing national-level marketing which will be nearly costless for businesses registered with Run4Me as vendors, take a nominal commission to support local enterprises make more sales. 

“Businesses will have no registration charges and will not be limited with term contracts and will have the liberty to terminate the services with Run4Me, their special offers will run on Run4Me through its social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and will be provided with tablets to selected registered businesses,” Suresh added. 

People can use the new exciting venture in the market on their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Run4Me.World/.

Website: www.run4me.world