A recently released book on women empowerment, faith, and courage ‘The Shakti Awakening’ is becoming a rage amongst book lovers and selling hot on international e-commerce site as Amazon.

What makes this book unique and most sought after is that this book has been penned by 24 authors, one chapter of which is written by Kiwi Indian surgeon Dr Anitha Ranganathan; and each writer shares the story of their struggles, facing hardships both mental and physical and how they rose to the occasion and survived the odds.

Dr Anitha is a cancer survivor and penned the chapter ‘Cancer: My Edition’ about her tryst with breast cancer, battling chronic health issues, moving from one country to another, surviving the death of a loved one, coming out of a broken marriage and how her unconceivable journey made her even stronger.

The book has been conceptualised by a renowned bestselling author in the US, and publisher of multiple books Snehal R Singh. She has compiled the stories of 24 global Indian women from different walks of life in this book.  

The writers of the book include a housewife, mother, business owner, a publisher, lawyer, coaches, dancers, and there’s even an event planner who organised a Diwali festival at the White House in the USA.

Speaking to The Indian Weekender, Kiwi Indian writer Dr Anitha said she knew Snehal from a different work capacity who on listening to her survival story, offered her to pen one of the chapters in her upcoming book.

“I wrote my story to make everyone aware that life can really throw you a curveball, one after the other, but we all also have the innate strength to deal with it. Through my story, there are many lessons one can learn, but the main impact I wanted to create was that of empowerment, faith, trust, and gratitude,” Dr Anitha said.

Dr Anitha is an ENT and Head and Neck Surgeon with 20 years of experience and moved to New Zealand only three years ago. Before moving to NZ, she was a full-time surgeon, lecturer and was also actively involved in research in various universities and hospitals in India and Malaysia.

She now works with clients who are struggling with who they are on the inside based on their identity shifts that a diagnosis like cancer or losing a job or moving to a new country can create.

“I connect them to what allows them to have vibrant energy, provide them with a terrain to plant the seeds of support and to help them fall back into gratitude with ease and create a life of their dreams. I know that if I can do it, anybody can, but we all do need that extra help,” Dr Anitha added.

‘The Shakti Awakening’ was released worldwide on 21st September this year and has already become a #1 Bestseller in India, Australia, Canada, the USA in the Hot New Releases and top 10 in different categories.

“Although I have penned many articles on a professional front before, this has indeed been an eye-opener for me- what I have shared is just a small but life-changing part of my life,” Dr Anitha said.

Speaking more about other chapters in the book and the gist of all stories shared by different writers, Dr Anitha says that the book is about the stories of 24 women, who are not working from a space of pain but working from a state of power.

“You are going to feel the power of stepping into your own light and making strong decisions to feeling proud. Every story is about saying that you can do it too. We did it, and you can do it too. The paths have been different, the challenges have been different, the ways we have looked at it were different,” Dr Anitha says.

Dr Anitha encourages people to not just read the book for themselves but share the book with their spouses, parents, in-laws, friends, colleagues, classmates etc.

“Get this book for yourself, for your partner or wife who is perhaps struggling with her loss in identity after losing her job or moving to a new country with no friends or acquaintances or, who is a first-time mother and experiencing the challenges that come along with it. Gift it to that friend whose life has been challenged with a serious illness and is losing hope. Get it for your mother or mother-in-law who has had her struggles too and just to give her glimpses into reminiscing what her life could have been like,” Dr Anitha said.

Dr Anitha says that that the cost of the book is minimal as the goal of the book is to reach the masses, touch the hearts of those who need that small ray of hope to keep them going during bleak times.

To contact Dr Anitha, one can visit her website www.coachdranitha.com