The High Commission of India in New Zealand celebrated 56th Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation on Tuesday, September 15 by affirming cooperation with Pacific countries of Samoa and Niue. 

The ITEC Programme is a bilateral assistance programme by the Government of India first launched on September 15 in 1964 and covered 158 countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, and several Pacific and Caribbean nations.

The ITEC programme focusses non-addressing the needs of developing countries through innovative technological cooperation between India and partner nations.

The High Commission of India through its social media handle on Facebook posted the highlights of the ITEC projects in Telecom, and IT sector completed with Pacific Nations Samoa and Niue in the last one year.

The highlights included the launch of the Centre of Excellence in IT at the National University of Samoa, Apia in March 2020, hosting the ITEC reception for ITEC alumni in Samoa by High Commissioner of India Muktesh Pardeshi earlier this year, grant-in-aid of the aid of USD 2,50,000 to Samoa during Measles epidemic in Samoa in January 2020; the launch of Centre for Excellence in IT at the University of South Pacific in Niue in August 2020; and completion of 4G/LTE Network project in Niue at a total cost of USD12,56,785 in November 2019.