The High Commission of India has just revealed that it has issued a provisional NOC (No-Objection Certificate) this afternoon to Sehion Tours and Travels for charter flights to two destinations in India.

Sehion Tours had earlier approached HCI for approvals to charter flights from Auckland to Mumbai and Ahmedabad on August 29 this month.

Earlier this week, HCI posted on social media that it received a number of queries regarding the proposed operation of charter flights between NZ and India by a few travel companies, but no concrete proposals were received then.

HCI added that once such proposals are received, it goes for necessary approvals of civil aviation authorities of both India and New Zealand. HCI will then approve the lists of passengers after the same is received from the travel agency and does not take any financial or other responsibility regarding the tickets being purchased by passengers from those private travel agencies.

Yesterday, HCI announced that Vande Bharat Mission's Phase 5 bookings for flights from Auckland to New Delhi for August 25 had been opened and interested passengers can reserve their tickets accordingly.

The interested passengers are being urged to first register on a web link That will automatically generate a registration number that they will need further for purchasing flight tickets to India.