Students and their parents from Mount Albert Grammar School are disappointed, but not shocked, to hear the news of a Covid-19 confirmed positive casein school early this morning. 

Notably, late last night one student's test, who was a close contact of the family of four  in South Aukland from originally this second wave of Covid-19 seems to have started in NZ, returned positive 

Auckland Regional Public Health Services (ARPHS) informed Mount Albert Grammar School on Wednesday night, August 12, of a positive case at the school.

The principal of the school sent an email to close contacts of the students reported positive and other students and staff of the school of the new development.

The school was closed on Wednesday as Auckland moved into Alert Level 3 that afternoon.

Cricketer and student of MAGS Aidthya Ashok with his parents at Auckland Airport (File Picture)

Speaking to the Indian Weekender, a parent of the student at MAGS said he was disappointed with the news of a positive case, but not really shocked as the second wave was imminent.

Father of cricketer Adithya Ashok, also Year 13 student at MAGS said, since he and his wife work in the health care sector, the family had been taking necessary precautions even during the 100 days of no community transmission and are disappointed to see Auckland go back to square one.

“Working in the healthcare sector, we were taking all precautions as a family and encouraged everyone to follow the same- but as mentioned by government, there were chances of a second wave, and since MAGS is one of the biggest schools in New Zealand, one case at is still shocking,” father Ashok Dinakaran said.

Adithya Ashok added that he and his friends at school are cautious but not worried much about the new case.

“We have gone back to our online classes, and it will take some time once again to get back to the classes physically and on the ground for sports, but we are prepared for it mentally,” Adithya Ashok said.

Year 12 student at MAGS, Keertivaasan Prakash (Picture: Supplied)

Another parent, Prakash Ramasubramaniam, whose son KV Prakash studies in Year 12 at MAGS said that he is frustrated with the news of the positive case at the school as this increases the chances of spreading widely amongst pupils at school.

“MAGS has close to 3000 students, and with that number, it has the propensity to spread amongst students inadvertently, but I am happy that the school readily reached out to the close contacts of the student positive and other students to take precautions,” Mr Ramasubramaniam told The Indian Weekender.

Student Keertivaasan Prakash (also known as KV Prakash) said he was looking forward to the sports training session due to start on Wednesday, but with this closure, students will be affected both academically and in extra-curriculums.

“It will be difficult for us students with different academic aptitudes to cope up with the year-end exams with syllabus crammed up all in the final term,” student Keertivaasan Prakash said.

Both parents of the MAGS students said they were confident that they would be able to scale up their precautionary measures and deal with the second wave, and at the same time will be vigilant to make sure their children are safe from any form of community transmission.