Waikato Police is praising two international students for their integrity and honestly after they located and handed an envelope with thousands of dollars of cash to Hamilton Police station.

The incident is reported to have taken place on Tuesday, August 4, where two international students located an envelope in Hamilton CBD with a large sum of cash and cheques.

The duo picked up the unattended/lost bag of cash and walked straight into Hamilton Central Police Station and handed over the package to the police there.

Police were able to identify the owner of the envelope with thousands of dollars and handed it back to the person.

Waikato Police later on Tuesday praised the two international students on their Facebook page and praised them for showing honesty and integrity for doing the right thing and handing over the unidentified and unattended bag of cash to the police.

“The honesty and integrity of these two students need to be valued & recognised, Thank you very much,” Waikato Police Facebook page posted.

Ever since this post was made on Facebook, it has been liked by over 2400 people, around 100 people have shared the post, and over 100 people praised the two international students in the comment section.

Another social media post on Facebook revealed the identity of the two international students from India pursuing higher studies in Hamilton as Sahajveer and Rajveer.

The second post on Facebook revealed the two international students were from India and were pursuing higher education from an institute in Hamilton. The post also revealed that the duo was rewarded with $100 each as a thank you from Waikato Police for being a good samaritan and for showing integrity in this matter.

“We wish to thank you and show you our gratitude for your honesty,” Waikato Police wrote on the duo on their thank you card.