The welcome home signs displayed by some generous and welcoming Kiwis has brought smiles on the faces of a couple currently under managed isolation facilities in Auckland.

The news of public anxiety around people coming from overseas especially triggered by extremely irresponsible behaviours of a 32-year-old person who wandered in supermarkets on July 7, has been causing equal stress within some people currently in managed isolation and quarantine facilities.

However, a couple was delighted early this morning to see the kindness and generosity of fellow Kiwis who responded back to their casual waving with these welcoming signs on their windows. 

Viral Bharatbhai Vala speaking with The Indian Weekender on the phone expressed their gratitude to the people living in that building and are hoping this message in media will reach back to them.

The Kiwi-Indian couple staying at managed isolation facility of Stamford Plaza in Auckland CBD delighted by a kind gesture of residents in the opposite building who pasted ‘Welcome Home’ poster on their window.

Couple Viral Bharatbhai Vala and Toral Viral Vala came to New Zealand from the last Air India repatriation flight on Friday, July 3 and were staying at managed isolation facility in Stamford Plaza on Albert Street in Auckland CBD.

On Thursday morning, July 9, Viral and his wife Toral while having breakfast at their room saw posters on windows of an opposite building that read ‘Welcome Home’ ‘Stay Safe, please stay indoors’.

The couple said it was a pleasant surprise and a tremendous gesture by the residents or occupants of the building/floor for this ‘very kind’ message and welcoming them back home.

Viral says, he remembers waving hands from his room yesterday, and they put a message on the window which the couple saw this morning.

Couple Viral Bharatbhai Vala and Toral Viral Vala

“We are living under such stressful times, away from home, fear of getting contracted with the virus and we are doing our part by staying indoors, and this gesture has filled our hearts with humility, love and appreciation, and I really thank them for their kind message,” Viral told The Indian Weekender.

“I think, the building opposite to the Stamford Plaza is not a residential space, I think its an office or commercial space; nevertheless, we are overwhelmed with this gesture,” Viral added.

The couple has been living in New Zealand for several years and had travelled back to Gujarat, India in February this year to see their family.

The couple lives in North Shore and has a Beauty Salon business there.

“We were earlier scheduled to return in April, but due to the global travel ban- our flight was cancelled too.

“When the first opportunity popped up earlier this month, we booked our tickets and hopped on to the Vande Bharat Mission led Air India flight from New Delhi, via Mumbai to Auckland, landing on July 3,” Viral said.

The couple were tested like all arriving passengers and were tested negative on arrival and at the hotel.