In a move that can bring smiles on many faces, the Vande Bharat Mission’s last flight back to New Delhi on July 3 that was earlier cancelled, has been reinstated. 

This was announced by the office of the Indian High Commission on their facebook page just a short while ago, by issuing a last and final call to interested travellers to purchase tickets for the July 3 flight. 

“AI spl flt on 3 Jul will be the last repatriation flt to India. Those registered are being contacted to buy tickets,” the social media post said.

Notably, as reported earlier by the Indian Weekender the July 3 flight was cancelled due to shortage of enough interest forcing the Indian High Commission to urge any stranded Indian citizens here to avail the facility of the flight leaving on July 1. 

Since then there has been some confusion amongst people keen to travel back to India resulting in some frantic enquiries. 

It seems that the announcement made today by the Indian High Commission will bring some smiles on the faces of those people. 

Explaining the requirements around quarantine and self-isolation on arrival in India, the office of the Indian High Commission further commented beneath the same social media post, “The flight's destination is Delhi. 7 days institutional quarantine in and around Delhi would be required. Thereafter, home quarantine for another 7 days. Senior citizens may be exempted by State Coordinators who would contact you upon arrival.

Only those who are registered with the Indian High Commission can purchase the ticket on this flight. 

To register with the Indian High Commission, please visit the link