As many individuals and organisations came forward to help the needy individuals and families via food boxes and groceries, Ranchhod Foundation, a registered charitable organisation in New Zealand offered not just food bags, but also free accommodation and medicines to the people in need in NZ.

Speaking to the Indian Weekender, Mahesh Ranchhod, chairperson of Ranchhod Group of Companies said the Foundation has been working tirelessly to provide whatever help needed by the community both in the pre-Covid era and during the last seven weeks of Alert Level 4 and 3 lockdowns in the country.

“We have come forward both as individuals and as Ranchhod Foundation providing food boxes, and basic necessities in bags to the Consulate of India in Auckland, and High Commission in Wellington,” Mahesh Ranchhod said.

Mr Ranchhod added that there were a lot of people, especially students in Hamilton and stranded Indian nationals in Auckland, Wellington, and smaller towns who had no means to support themselves in terms of food, some with accommodation and a few who ran out of money for medicines for the elderlies and he and his Foundation provided whatever necessary to help those individuals.

“I do not have the correct figure, but we provided with over 250 boxes of food to Consulate of India last month to be given out from the office to registered Indian nationals and individuals in need to survive through the lockdown,” Mr Ranchhod added.

Ranchhod Foundation is known for its philanthropic activities not just in New Zealand but also in India, Fiji, Nepal and more where the Foundation has dedicated funds towards improving the lives of thousands of individuals and families particularly children, battling life-threatening or debilitating medical conditions.

Mr Ranchhod added that the Foundation does work round the year and in different parts of the world, silently, helping the less fortunate with benefits not limited to financial help but also medical equipment, humanitarian aid, clean Indian campaign, a housing project for the elderlies, medical camps etc.

“We do the work out of passion and not just to help the needy but also to inspire people like me who are running businesses and can afford to make the world a better place by giving to the impoverished and the disadvantaged.

“New Zealand is well looked after by its government, but there are people in parts of India, Fiji who are in dire need of help and as a Foundation, we make sure, we donate not just money and resources but also educate and uplift those in need and help make their lives better,” Mr Ranchhod added.

Mr Ranchhod urged corporates and larger businesses to invest their time and money towards the society, and make lives of lesser fortunate better, and the world a better place to live in.