The Finance and Expenditure Committee is calling for public submissions on the Inquiry into the operation of the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020. The committee must report back to the House on the inquiry by 27 July 2020.

This inquiry is intended to scrutinise the operation of the legislation setting out the legal framework for level 2 that was passed under urgency. The purpose of this Act is to prevent, and limit the risk of, the outbreak or spread of COVID-19 by putting in place obligations in relation to businesses and services, and gatherings.

Dr Deborah Russell, Chairperson of the Finance and Expenditure Committee, said “We look forward to hearing New Zealanders’ feedback on the operation of the level 2 legislation.”

Submitters should note that the scope of this inquiry is limited to the scrutiny of the operation of the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020, and is not intended to be about the wider COVID-19 response.

Tell the Finance and Expenditure Committee what you think

Make a written submission on the inquiry by midnight on Saturday 28 June 2020. If you would like to request to make an oral submission, your written submission must be received by Sunday 7 June 2020.