In response to persistent probing by the Indian Weekender around clarity of rules on ability of Indian grocery stores to remain open during alert 4 level complete lockdown, the government officials have admitted that it's a fast-moving situation and the govt is constantly tweaking its decisions.

"This is a fast-moving situation and government officials are constantly monitoring and tweaking the Essential Businesses system to ensure it is working effectively across all our communities," an official spokesperson MBIE responded to the Indian Weekender's query.

"Listening to the feedback we agree that ethnic supermarkets offer a similar service to any other supermarket. And as essential services, any supermarket that can take appropriate steps to minimise the transmission of the virus is able to operate," the spokesperson said. 

Earlier this afternoon, MBIE confirmed that Indian grocery stores can remain open during the lockdown as it after much deliberation it was finally categorised into the essential services' list. 

"The Indian Weekender has received the latest update from the media spokesperson of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Enterprise (MBIE) just now stating that the “decision has now been made” that Indian grocery stores can remain open during the lockdown period," IWK reported earlier today. 

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