The Indian Weekender is thrilled to announce the return of the prestigious Kiwi-Indian Hall of Fame in its eighth year in 2020 and is inviting everyone to get involved and nominate someone who they think has made a difference in the community. 

The Kiwi-Indian Hall of Fame – as it is popularly known in the community – is the collection of three biggest awards in the community that strives to celebrate achievements of few rarest of rare individuals, who have been trailblazers in their respective fields, leaving a deep impact on the community. 

The Honours, which initially started with the Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame, has over the years incorporated the Young Achievers and Community Excellence Award, to reflect the community’s growing expectations and ambitions in their adopted new country.

In 2019, one of the greatest Kiwi-Indian sons, the former Governor General of New Zealand Rt Hon Sir Anand Satyanand was inducted into the Kiwi-Indian Hall of Fame. 

A former lawyer, judge and ombudsman, Sir Anand Satyanand rose to the highest public office that this country can offer to anyone when he served as the 19th Governor-General of New Zealand from 2006 to 2011. 

The list of former Hall of Fame inductees includes MP Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi (2013), Judge Dr Ajit Swaran Singh (2014), Dr Kantilal Naranji Patel (2015), Dr C.S. Benjamin (2016), Sukhi Turner (2017) and Dr Sharad Paul (2018). 

The Kiwi Indian Young Achiever of the Year award recognises a young Kiwi-Indian (aged between 16 and 35) who has done exceptionally well in his/her field of work. 

Sarpreet Singh – the Kiwi-Indian footballer, who has become the toast of the entire nation ever since playing for European giant Bayern Munich of Germany, was the recipient of The Indian Weekender’s Kiwi Indian Young Achiever Award 2019. 

The award was instituted in 2015 and was bestowed upon DJ Charlie aka Prerna Singh in 2015, neuroscientist Dr Malvindar Singh-Bains in 2016, budding politician Shail Kaushal in 2017 and Muskan Devata in 2018. 

The Community Excellence Award came into existence in 2017 realising a long felt expectation within the community of recognising and facilitating some of the most dedicated personalities who have worked steadily in the area of community service. The inaugural edition of this award went to Thakor Parbhu Singh followed by Jeet Suchdev in 2018. 

In 2019, the award was conferred upon Harshad Patel – another dedicated community leader who has been working for the community for more than three decades in different capacities. 

The brief description of the awards as mentioned above, will inform everyone that the basic philosophy of The Indian Weekender Honours is recognition by the community and of the community.

It is to say that these Honours are not mere recognition of a selected few by the community; rather they are also recognition of the entire Indian community in New Zealand when the crème de la crème of the country gets a first-hand experience of energy and vibrancy that our community brings to Kiwi life.

In 2017, The Indian Weekender Honours reached new heights when Indian Union Minister of State for External Affairs, Gen. V. K. Singh, visited the country exclusively for this event, thus raising the profile of this premium diaspora event high up in the Indian government’s calendar of global diaspora events around the world.

Simultaneously, Bollywood heartthrob singers Armaan and Amaal Malik and seasoned stand-up comedian from India, Amit Tandon, attended the event as special guests and were able to create a truly memorable night for those who attended the event.

The event has kept its promise of elevating the glamour and entertainment quotient of this annual event to a higher level. 

In 2019, the awards had cemented its own fame as the New Zealand Indian community’s most high-profile annual event with added glamour and grandeur. 

Among the star attractions of the evening was India’s popular stand-up comedian Manish Tyagi, who not only co-hosted the show with gracious Newshub reporter Wilhelmina Shrimpton but also performed a small gig with his side-splitting comedy. 

This was the second year that the 25 NZ–India Most Influential List – a prestigious list of key movers and shakers who have played a critical role in developing the bilateral relationship between India and New Zealand. was declared published at the event.

The call for nominations is out now for the three categories—Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame, Kiwi Indian Young Achiever of the Year, and Kiwi Indian Unsung Hero of the Year, for the year 2019.

While our team works in the background to present another memorable award night, the community is on call for keeping an eye around to identify who they think would be worthy of the awards and nominate their names. 

The nomination form can be found at Just fill it in and submit (please follow directions on the website).