A young Kiwi-Indian migrant family is reeling under stress, uncertainty and misfortune as their visiting father have been hospitalised after suffering from brain haemorrhage and multiple organ failure just after the parent’s travel insurance lapsed.

Rameshkumar Venibhai Patel, who was visiting his daughter Bhumikaben Patel and son-in-law Yogesh Patel has suffered from brain haemorrhage and multiple organ failure and is currently hospitalised in Auckland’s Middlemore hospital for almost 30 days.

The parents were visiting New Zealand to provide initial post-natal care and support to their daughter after the couple recently had their first baby in September 2019 and had almost their feet out of New Zealand when the medical emergency struck the family.

The parents had boarded their return-flight when they were disembarked and referred to a doctor (GP) owing to the father’s unstable blood pressure that was deemed unsafe for the air-travel.

The medical crisis started on December 11, 2019 – the last day that covered their parents medical and travel insurance in New Zealand – when the father was disembarked from the flight and was referred to the doctor (GP).

After visiting a GP on the same day and getting medicines, father suffered a brain haemorrhage and multiple organ failure in the next couple of days, requiring urgent emergency hospitalisation.

Unsurprisingly, since then the migrant couple, along with dealing with an emotional crisis, is also reeling with the crippling fear of footing a mounting medical bill that is expected to rise to around hundred thousand dollars, if not more.

Yogesh Patel, 30, who has been on forced leave from work ever since this misfortune struck their family shared their plight with The Indian Weekender before making an emotional plea to the community to support them in footing the mounting medical bills.

“Our parents had come to support us at the time of birth of our first child, and we have done everything to cover all potential risks including medical costs during their stay in New Zealand,” a visibly stressed Yogesh told The Indian Weekender.

However, the misfortune had struck them on the very last day of the validity of their insurance cover, and their stay has to be extended involuntarily.

The medical emergency that precipitated in the next few days resulting in multiple organ failures, including brain haemorrhage and cardiac arrest has turned the fortunes of the family upside down at a time when they were already recovering after the birth of a new baby.

Yogesh had first arrived in New Zealand on a student visa for Level 7 business diploma course in 2015 and is currently on a three-year essential skills work visa, while his wife is also not working after delivering baby late last year.

“While we pray to God and do everything in our control for our father’s treatment and recovery, the rising medical bill will definitely be beyond our means,” Yogesh said.

Rameshkumar Venibhai Patel in hospital

A fundraiser has been created by a family friend on Facebook requesting help from generous donors and the wider community to support the young family at this distressful hour.

The family is also in the process of creating a Givealittle page to reach out to New Zealanders for support (https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/medical-emergency

Meanwhile, donors keen to assist the distressed family can send their contributions directly on the following details (The Indian Weekender has not independently verified bank details).

Bhumikaben Rameshbhai Patel
ASB A/c number: 12-3100-0414239-00

(All Photos supplied by family and published with consent)