The inaugural Hindu Economic Forum New Zealand held in Auckland on Saturday, November 23, witnessed an undiluted adulation for the traditional Indian managerial abilities and leadership styles as being witnessed in the global business world.

The first-ever day-long conference by the newly constituted Hindu Economic Forum New Zealand was a significant success, both in terms of getting a star-studded speaker line-up at the event but also in embodying the principles of growing together, share together for Kiwi- businesses.

Leading the charge on the appreciation of global achievements of Indian C-level executives in world’s top technological companies was Hon Consul of India, Bhav Dhillon, an accomplished and successful business leader himself said, “The people of Indian origin are renowned for their entrepreneurial and managerial abilities all around the world.”

“They have migrated to distant places and countries and carried with them those unique skills helping in create mutual prosperity and forward-looking, progressive organisations.”

“Wherever Indian managerial capabilities and leadership style has been incorporated into the basic corporate-DNA of their host countries, the level of mutual prosperity has been amplified multiple times,” Mr Dhillon said.

Economic Development Minister Phil Twyford acknowledged the contribution of the Kiwi-Indian community in New Zealand’s social and economic-life and emphasised the need to continue building on a special partnership with the community.

National Party’s Finance Spokesperson Paul Goldsmith also spoke about the need for creating a favourable environment for economic progress where different communities can come together and create mutually shared-prosperity.

Many other prominent business leaders, including the likes of Nido’s (and Mitre -10) Vinod Kumar, Tamaki Health Group’s Ranjna Patel, shared their success stories of owning and managing major-businesses in New Zealand.The focus of the conference remained on how to harness the innate business-skills and managerial talents of the Hindu and the broader Kiwi-Indian community towards the mutually shared goal of New Zealand’s economic progress.

The organisers of the conference were delighted with the level of participation of prominent business leaders and managers and the members of the community who came from far and wide places of the country to benefit from this daylong event.

Notably, Hindu Economic Forum New Zealand was officially launched by Swami Vigyananand, founder of World Hindu Congress last year in November 18, in Auckland, with the vision “Grow Together; Share Together”.

Now there is more Kiwi-connection with the World Hindu Congress as earlier this month a well-known Kiwi-Indian research scientist, academician, and a community organiser, Prof Guna Magesan, was invited as a member of WHEF Governing Council.

Mr Magesan is the second New Zealander to be on the Governing Council after Vinod Kumar, a successful businessman from Auckland and Managing Director of Nido living.

The Hindu Economic Forum New Zealand works in close collaboration with World Hindu Congress.