In news that can bring more disappointment to possibly 1200 applicants who have been eagerly hoping to be lucky and be notified by Immigration New Zealand for re-opening of their cases by December 2, the Minister for Immigration Iain Lees-Galloway has indicated that they might miss the deadline again, hopefully for the better.

The new ETA of the much-awaited re-opening of declined partnership visa applications will be by the end of the year and not December 2 as opposed to a previous assurance given by the Immigration Minister Mr Lees-Galloway on November 13.

The Minister had then assured that INZ would be able to contact a core group of applicants who could potentially be re-assessed under the newly announced culturally arranged marriage visa category by December 2.

Notably, ever since the Minister had earlier announced that INZ will potentially contact 1200 partnership visa applicants for re-opening of their cases, and leaving another 1300 partnership visa applicants who have also been recently declined who have to decide for themselves to weather re-apply under new instructions on culturally arranged marriage visa category, there has been much uncertainty in the community.

However, when Minister was asked by The Indian Weekender to confirm if INZ will be able to keep the deadline of December 2, when all applicants will be informed either way the Minister clearly refused to give that certainty.

“I would love to give that level of certainty, but all of these things when you have to put them into operation, it take some time.

“I am not going to put that firm deadline to it,” Mr Lees-Galloway said.

“I would say if you have not heard from Immigration New Zealand by the end of the year then probably the ball is in your court to think about whether you want to re-apply or not,” Mr Lees Galloway said.

The Minister was although hopeful that following his intervention and new instructions; people would at least have a lot more clarity on their partnership visa applications.

Mr Lees-Galloway was speaking with The Indian Weekender on Tuesday, November 26 on a range of issues around partnership visas and the newly announced culturally arranged marriage visas.