Firefighters are battling two large fires reported Auckland hills, one in Mt Wellington and another at Mt Eden, which is said to have contained now.

Auckland is celebrating Guy Fawkes Day, and the festive fireworks is said to be the cause behind the two blazes that started late this evening.

NZ Herald earlier reported having witnessed huge smoke billowing from the north side of the Mt Wellington mountain, and the firemen are carrying the firehoses hundreds of metres towards the fire as there is no road access. 

NZ Herald reported that a witness said to have seen a group of youths at the hill with sparkles. 

"There was 'a really loud bang', and then the fire started.

"It spread quite quickly".

Senior Station Officer Kerr told NZ Herald that they are facing scrub fire on the Mt Wellington peak and they have six appliances and one tanker in attendance. 

NZ Herald reported that Fire and Emergency services shift manager Murry Dunbar said they were called to a fire on Mt Eden around 9.40 p.m. this evening. Two trucks attended and it is understood the fire is now out.