Shail Kaushal, the candidate from Roskill Community Voice for Puketapapa Local Board in the ongoing council elections says Puketapapa needs better transport linkages, the safety of the community especially local businesses and affordable housing and these are the key areas of focus for him this Election.

In a conversation with The Indian Weekender, Shail Kaushal tells about his election campaign, the public’s feedback and his vision for Puketapapa Local Board.

IWK: What are the key points you are conveying to your voters?

Shail: This election is important it’s about the future of our city and here in Mt Roskill we have achieved significant progress, but there is more to be done. I need your support to continue working for a better Roskill, that is well-lit and safe, environmentally sustainable, and with accessible public transport.

IWK: How involved are you with the community before and during this campaign?

Shail: I have passionately been involved in serving the community since the last nine years, and more recently as an elected member since 2016, I have been taking and resolving constituent and community issues. Besides that, I have been volunteering with Citizens Advice Bureau and patrolling the streets of Mt Roskill at night with the Mt Roskill Community Patrol.

IWK: What changes do you intend to bring in the Puketapapa area?

Shail: -focus on improving our public transport linkages to and from Mt Roskill;

-ensure we have a well-designed and modern transport system that includes light rail down Dominion Road;

-continue our work around community safety and ensure our parks and streets are well-lit, as every person whether, at home, work or out and about in our community has the right to feel safe;

-strongly advocate for more affordable housing, which will offer a realistic chance for local residents to own their own home;

 -protect the environment- ind initiatives to further protect our trees and have beaches that we can all be proud of, and that suit our liveable city ranking

IWK: As the first Indian born elected in the local board and batting for the second term- how does it feel?

Shail: It is an honour, but also more responsibility to live up the community’s expectations and pave the way for others to follow.

IWK: What is your message to the community about voting in this election?

Shail: Your vote matters and to ensure we have a strong voice in the Auckland Council, I will need your support for KAUSHAL, Shail and Roskill Community Voice team.

I have the experience, skills and a proven track record of fighting and winning for local residents. In my time as a Board member, I have advocated for better lighting, to save seniors housing at Liston Village, more resources for our community, and pushed back against the ever-increasing spread of bottle stores.

To continue the progress, we have been making to the area, we need your vote and support this election. Please also support City Vision across Auckland!