Ilango Krishnamoorthy has been chosen by Labour Party to stand for Manurewa-Papakura Ward for Auckland Council and also for Manurewa Local Board.

He is one of two nominated candidates by Labour Party for Manurewa-Papakura Ward, the second being economist and former Labour cabinet minister Peter Neilson.

Mr Krishnamoorthy is well known in the Kiwi Indian space, especially in the South Indian community being President of NZ Hindu Temple Society, a community leader and a successful businessman.

Mr Krishnamoorthy has lived in the Manurewa suburb for nearly 30 years and as a community leader has been able to voice the concerns of the community coordinating with the local council, and the government.

“My interactions at the temple with people and their issues inspired me to put my name for the local elections. I am a strong advocate for our ethnic community to put forward their name into mainstream activities. If we don’t help ourselves no one would and it doesn’t matter whichever Party they belong to or whichever race they belong to, we are all Kiwis, and we should contribute to our society,” Mr Krishnamoorthy told The Indian Weekender.

Advocating for the community, Mr Krishnamoorthy is ambitious about the vision he and his party has for the people of Manurewa-Papakura ward.

“If elected with a majority on the Manurewa Local Board we will hold a Manurewa 2020 vision conference with our MPs, councillors, local board members, Mana Whenua, schools, churches, sporting and community organisations.

“We aim to get the bodies to agree to the priority issues for Manurewa and how we will align to make them happen over the next three to 10 years,” Mr Krishnamoorthy said.

Addressing the issue of low voter turnout, he urged local communities to get more involved, especially the growing Kiwi-Indian population, to make use of their right to vote and select the deserving candidate for the local elections.

In NZ everything is above board, and people put their name to serve because it is the civic duty of every citizen to participate in a democratic process to be successful, otherwise a minority (28%) population will decide for the majority, and we all have to live with the consequences,” Mr Krishnamoorthy added.

Mr Krishnamoorthy takes pride in his Indian heritage and adds that the Kiwi-Indian community has contributed immensely toward the growth of this country.

“I am very proud of my Indian heritage, and we all have brought our colours, culture, food and clothing; made New Zealand the best place to live in the world,” Mr Krishnamoorthy added.

In this local election, the key issues that Mr Krishnamoorthy is campaigning to work on, if elected, are addressing social and infrastructure deficit in Manurewa, working for better transport connections to suburbs, improving housing and social services, address homelessness in the micro-level etc.

“Voting is your right, so use it. Choose a candidate who will represent you.

Labour Party supports the ethnic communities so support Labour; we all deserve best - Let's do this together!” Mr Krishnamoorthy said.

Key Campaign Message and Vision:

·     Reviewing the provision of our parks and playing fields to catch up with the facilities in place across Auckland

·     Championing better transport connections to the places we work, play and study

·     Working with our MP's and Councillors to improve our access to housing and social services

·     Restoring access to free swimming pools as we enjoyed when part of Manukau City

·     Funding with others a pedestrian bridge across the Papakura stream to provide a safe walking, jogging and bike link between Wattle Downs and the Manurewa Township

·     Completing the replacement and upgrade of the Weymouth boat ramp

·     Supporting the establishment of a day time drop-in facility for the Manurewa homeless as part of an across Auckland strategy to address homelessness

·     Supporting phasing in the living wage for Council contractor employees as contracts are reviewed

·     Pushing for a much more Manurewa friendly rubbish service when the contract comes up for renewal

·     Campaigning to make Matariki a national public holiday