The newly appointed Indian envoy to New Zealand has expressed immense gratitude to the government’s exceptional gesture of accepting his credentials within hours of arriving in the new country.

Muktesh Pardeshi, a career diplomat, has recently taken charge of the Indian High Commission in Wellington presenting his credentials to the Governor-General Dame Pasty Reddy on Tuesday, July 30, at a ceremony at Government House in Wellington.

However, it was the speed at which the New Zealand government gave ears to the new envoy to present his credentials that has attracted much attention and an appreciation by one and all.

Mr Pardeshi told The Indian Weekender that he had arrived in the country on Monday, July 29, and the fact that he was able to present his diplomatic papers on Tuesday, July 30 at the Government House is indeed unprecedented in international diplomatic parlance.

“Let me first acknowledge and express my sincere gratitude to the New Zealand government for accepting my diplomatic credentials in record time.”

“It is certainly unprecedented, and a mark of extremely cordial relationship between our two countries,” a visibly satisfied Mr Pardeshi said.

Foreign envoys, upon arrival at their post, are required to first meet with the Foreign Minister and then followed by the Head of the State and submit their credentials before they can begin their duties in the new country.

The unspoken rule of international diplomacy is that usually, that process can take some time.

However, any departure from that expectation and any expedite acceptance of credentials is seen as a mark of a special gesture by the government and a statement on the mutual bilateral relations between the two countries.

Speaking further on the gesture, Mr Pardeshi said, “I look forward to working closely with the NZ government to enhance our bilateral ties.”