The Professional Business & Restaurant School (PBRS) which is part of Cornell Education Group has won 26 medals in 13 different categories at the Auckland Regional Hospitality Championship 2019.

The championship took place in the last week of June in which 26 students from the institution participated, including Asian students and from the Indian sub-continent.

“It is with great pride that we report our students’ excellent results, especially the students from the Indian sub-continent who worked hard and brought a number of medals in different categories,” a PBRS spokesperson said.

“This gratifying result is a reflection of all the extra hours of work and passion that our Cookery and Hospitality tutors put in to ensure that our students received excellent training, that is up to date and relevant to the cookery/hospitality industry in New Zealand,” the spokesperson added.

Winner of a gold medal in one of the categories Mayank Mehta thanked his tutors Mohit Sharma and the institution for giving him the opportunity to learn and give his best.

“I would like to thank Mohit Sharma, Anjana and Olivia Ramos for believing in me, motivating me every time who gave me a chance to participate.

“Behind my success of winning gold there are blessings of my mother, my family after God,” Mr. Mehta said.

Level 5 Hospitality student Bhushan Khadka, commended his tutors for training him with excellence to win his feat.

“I couldn’t have done it without My tutor Mr. Mohit, the value of training was impeccable, and I want to thank Shyam and Shanti from Rohini International who inspired me to study at PBRS.

“I am looking forward to the National Championships to bring pride to my country, Nepal and my family,” Mr. Khadka added.

Another silver medal recipient Shally Sharma thanked PBRS tutors for checking on the small mistakes and polishing the skills. Shally aimed to win gold in the next championship.

“I feel so grateful to my parents who pushed me to participate, given me the confidence and do my best in this competition. I feel thankful to Olivia Ramos who taught me the minute mistakes and polished me for the competition, and I am so happy that I won silver and now I am so enthusiastic to go for gold in next one,” Shally Sharma said.

Sri Lankan student Nishadi Pradeepika Panthiyage said she took pride in coming from a place that is renowned for its hospitality.

“The Auckland Regional was such a great experience and I would like to thank all my PBRS trainers Chef Vijay, Chef Raj and Chef Anthony for supporting me throughout,” Nishida Panthiyage added.

Aspiring chef Chetna Patel added that winning the award was truly a defining moment for her. 

“Culinary being never a passion, I found my inspiration with the twists and turns of my life came out to be.

“Winning this award, I consider myself trying to be someone that I should be and this outlines my thanks to my parents, especially chef Raj. Their inspiration and motivation have taken me to achieve who I am supposed to be and I am proud Chef to my home and would be to the career I choose,” Chetna Patel said.