The National Party’s Finance spokesperson Paul Goldsmith is blaming the increasing cost on Kiwi-businesses and consumers as a result of coalition government’s seemingly ill-conceived plans as the main reason responsible for the slow-down of the New Zealand economy.

Mr Goldsmith was speaking with The Indian Weekender in an exclusive interview on Monday, July 16, discussing how New Zealand’s economy was fairing under the current government.

“It will be our immediate focus to reduce that increased cost that New Zealanders have faced in the last twenty months of coalition government rule,” Mr Goldsmith said. 

“We left the economy in good shape where we were growing strongly and providing opportunities to people of all background to get ahead.

“However, there has been a sharp decline under the current government, and this is not my word, but the words of Reserve Bank of New Zealand,” Mr Goldsmith opined about the current state of affairs of the NZ economy.

When presented with the counter-opinion that there was a huge infrastructure gap that this government has inherited and responsible for the most of fiscal expansion Mr Goldsmith said, “I think everybody understands that New Zealand under-invested in infrastructure for many decades.”

“The problem is that in the previous government [National] we actually got on and invested in infrastructure ... like water view tunnel in Auckland, electrifying railway network, starting work on railway network city loop, all major roads in the region, such as Waikato.”

“What this government has done is, unfortunately, stopped a whole lot of new one, because they cannot stand roads.

“But they haven’t started any new ones.

“We worry that the progress we were making has been stalled under this government,” Mr Goldsmith asserted.

When quizzed on how he proposes to bring more productivity in NZ economy Mr Goldsmith said, “Increasing the flow of investment, good quality infrastructure, delivering skills that we need in immigration. 

Fiscal discipline, fewer taxes, and more investment, three priorities in National’s budget

Fiscal discipline, fewer taxes, and long term investment in infrastructure will be the three key priorities in the first budget of the next National government, Paul Goldsmith told The Indian Weekender.

On being further probed on how he intends to bring more productivity in New Zealand economy, Mr Goldsmith said, “The best way to get ahead is by getting a good quality job. So you want an economy that creates a good quality job.

“You can legislate for higher income. But ultimately, higher-income has to come from a more productive economy. Otherwise, higher incomes won’t be sustainable. It is the actual businesses that have to sustain a higher income,” Mr Goldsmith said.

However when asked if he would retract some of the announcement that this government has made and the National has consistently criticised such as increase in minimum wages, Mr Goldsmith sidestepped saying, “We increased minimum wages at a more moderate rate that can be sustained by businesses over a longer period of time than compared to steep rise under this government.”

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The Indian Weekender speaks with LIst MP for Epsom and Finance Spokesperson for New Zealand National Party Paul Goldsmith #IWK

Posted by Indian Weekender on Monday, July 15, 2019