Auckland’s cricketing fans will have an added incentive of enjoying a celebration of Indian culture and cuisine when they next throng to Eden Park stadium to watch the likely contest between India and Black Caps in January 2020.

However, that’s only if the Eden Park stadium was able to get resource consent from Auckland Council to host a T20 cricket match between India and the Black Caps on Sunday, January 26 in 2020.

The January 26 fixture coincides with Auckland anniversary weekend (and India’s Republic Day celebrations).

Until it can successfully attain the much needed resource consent, the India-NZ contest in Auckland when Indian team next visits New Zealand will remain in doldrums.

Already, an estimated 100,000 cricket fans had missed out on international cricket in Auckland when the Indian team last visited NZ earlier this year as Eden Park could not host the match owing to its frustrating planning regulations.

Eden Park – the New Zealand’s national stadium, which is currently embattled in securing its financial future – is restricted by council’s planning regulations from hosting any sporting fixtures and other events that can potentially cause inconvenience to the residents living in immediate neighbourhood.

It is those neighbours, some for the stadium and some against, who play the key role in Eden Park's long-term future.

However not everyone in neighbourhood are against relaxing of planning restrictions limiting sporting contests and other events at Eden Park, and are shoring up to voice their support for bringing more fixtures to New Zealand’s national stadium.

Expectedly, the emotions involved on both sides are making the issue (of relaxing planning restrictions for Eden Park) tricky for the local politicians, councillors and bureaucrats to create a win-win outcome for everyone.

While, the bigger issue persists, there is an opportunity for a securing a waiver to hold this particular contest scheduled on Sunday, January 26, that could not only satiate Aucklanders desire for a riveting cricket contest but also simultaneously enjoy a celebration of Indian culture and cuisine.

“You may have noticed that New Zealand Cricket’s recent 2019/2020 season announcement includes an unconfirmed fixture on January 26 at Eden Park,” Eden Park posted on its Facebook page.

“This match is scheduled to align with India’s Republic Day and the Sunday of Auckland Anniversary weekend, with Monday being a public holiday,” the post read.  

People through this application can extend their support, oppose or mention their neutrality about the subject of the match to be held on Sunday, January 26 and also mention the reasons for their submissions and if any amendments or suggestions they may have for the council to make.

“Should the resource consent application be approved, we intend to create a celebration of Indian sport, culture and cuisine around the fixture. We look forward to welcoming as many fans as possible through the gates,” Eden Park posted.

People can voice their support or their opposition to the issue by going to the following link: