The fact that robberies and aggravated assaults can potentially destabilize businesses and livelihoods, along with posing threat to physical security and lives of individuals, came to fore when a popular restaurant lost a chef after a relatively successful Mother’s Day operations which ended with an unsuccessful, though frightful robbery attempt.

Two hard working chefs working at a popular restaurant and bar joint in Hamilton’s western suburb faced the brunt of a robbery-attempt on Mother’s Day leaving them both shaken and one choosing to immediately tender resignation from the job fearing his safety.

Dinsdale Office Bar and Restaurant in Hamilton was intruded by two masked men wearing black hoodie jackets and black pants armed with a hammer and a gun at around 9:15 p.m. on Sunday, May 12.

The offenders entered the store through the backdoor of the restaurant and knocked down two chefs present in the kitchen. One of the chefs laid on the ground pretending to be too injured to respond to the loud yelling of the offenders demanding money.

Dinsdale Office Restaurant and Bar

The duo then left the kitchen looking for hard cash from the store giving the opportunity to two chefs’ who sneaked quickly to the neighbouring supermarket seeking help.

The restaurant had a busy long day following Mother’s Day operations and the staff was busy in closing down for the day after all the customers had left.

The owner of the store Sarbjit Singh Jadour was in the office doing accounting for the day with the manager when he heard the noise of people in the restaurant-gaming joint.

Sarbjit was quick enough to shut the door of the office after seeing the CCTV that his chefs were down on the ground threatened by the two offenders brandishing hammer and gun.

The offenders then went inside the bar looking for the cash, and one of them kicked the doors of the store while Sarbjit made sure the office door was shut.

Failing to find any cash, the offenders returned to the kitchen only to find that the two chefs had escaped from the place.

The offenders, perhaps realising that the police would be there any time, then left the store empty-handed, and are still at large.

Police has appealed the public to contact them if they have any information that may help to track down the offenders.

This ordeal left everyone in the restaurant, the owner, the manager and the chefs shaken.

Although the chefs left unscathed without any injuries, one of the chefs resigned the following day fearing his safety at work.

“I understand why he [the chef] decided to resign- the incident was life-threatening for him and scary for all of us,” Sarbjit told The Indian Weekender.

“He [the chef resigned] was working part-time for us as he was studying as well and later next month we were thinking of giving him full-time work here, but this incident happened and I can understand his decision,” Sarbhjit added.

Sarbjit said that extra measures are being taken to ensure the safety bar is raised at the store. He added that the regular customers have been sympathetic and supportive about the incident.

Police are looking to hear from anyone who may have information about the incident or people who match the description of the offenders in the area. Both [the offenders] wore black hooded jackets and black pants. One wore brown sneakers and the other black sneakers with white soles.

Anyone with information can call Hamilton police on 07 858 6200 or anonymously call via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.