The Uttarakhand Association of New Zealand (UANZ) hosted its community festival event ‘Baduli 19’ during the Easter weekend at Avondale College Auditorium.

The musical extravaganza had artists from Uttarakhand and different parts of India to perform and entertain the community. The event is said to have accommodated more than 600 people during the three-hour evening show.

The visitors included members not just the Uttarakhand community but also from different parts of India, Nepal and local Kiwis.

“We had a great turn-out, and we look forward to having a bigger show next time,” Chairperson of UANZ, Upendra Saklani said.

Mr Saklani also appealed the diaspora at the event to encourage the talents who travel from different parts of India to entertain the public here.

“I appeal to our Indian diasporas to encourage artists coming from different parts of India with their presence in order to integrate varieties of cultural and traditional variations of India to enrich integrated national feeling in the countries we opted to be our place of work or Karam Bhoomi,” Mr Saklani added.

The event was also attended by the outgoing High Commissioner of India Sanjiv Kohli who too expressed his emotions about the integration of culture and traditions for making oneness out of variation for the integrity of India.

The sister group of UANZ conducted a similar event in Wellington on Friday, April 19.