ChCh Mosque Shooting: Update on Post Mortem

Police say they are acutely aware of frustrations by families associated with the length of time required for the identification process following Friday’s terror attack.

"We are doing all we can to undertake this work as quickly as possible and return the victims to their loved ones," Police said in a media release.

"While identification may seem straightforward the reality is much more complex, particularly in a situation like this.

"Our absolute priority is to get this right and ensure that no mistakes are made.

"Nevertheless we are looking at every option to ensure the identifications are completed as quickly as possible and the victims are released to their loved ones.

"We are also looking at any way to improve our communications with the families and ensure they are kept fully informed about what is happening.

"At this time post mortem examinations have been completed on all 50 victims. 

"12 victims have been identified to the satisfaction of the Coroner and six of those identified victims have been returned to their families.

"We are working with families regarding the return of the other six identified victims," Police said in a media release.