The youth of South Auckland Muslim Association is actively involved in several activities that benefit the extended multicultural community of South Auckland.

The mosque that is based in on Great South Road in Otahuhu/Mangere had started several initiatives to engage its youth, both men and women in several communities and sports activities to keep them engaged and close to the community.

As a part of religious activities, the Association encourages young minds to attend the five-time scheduled prayers in the mosque regularly and then try extra-curricular activities such as learning Quran, sunnah training and mawlid training sessions for both male and female members separately on different schedules through the week.

The mosque beside religious activities involves the youth in community-led initiatives like cleaning mosque premises, cutting grass regularly at the Auckland Memorial Garden’s graveyard sections, cleaning and healthy lifestyle promotion drives, sports events etc.

A team of 15 volunteers from the Jamia-al Mustafa Masjid under the supervision of Haji Amin cut different sections of the graveyard regularly and some members who are involved in this initiative for almost a decade who not just work together but also encourage the teenagers to join them in this noble cause.

“We are also proud of the fact that we have recently had teenagers show an interest in assisting SAMA with cutting the grass at the cemetery,” a SAMA media spokesperson told The Indian Weekender.

SAMA’s women wing has also been very active in sports events which take part in netball tournaments and have won on several occasions. Some of the madrasah children competed in the NZ Muslim Sports Association Football tournament last year, against teams from Muslim Associations from different regions of Auckland and North Island and had won medals and trophies for SAMA.

With the holy month of Ramadan approaching in the next three months, a Hafiz-e-Quran (a person who has learnt the whole Quran) attends the scheduled Taraweeh prayers. The mosque also hosts several open iftar events at the mosque premises and invites Muslims and non-Muslims to join the meal like a family and know more about Islam and its teachings.

The mosque also participates in the Islam Awareness Week program and open the gates of the Mosque by hosting Mosque Open Day on the last day of IAW event inviting the extended communities to visit the mosque and interact with the volunteers.