Lyrics from 2001 movie Lagaan – O Mitwa Sun Mitwa

“listen O friend,
even the fragrant wind will sing,
and fun will be all around,
if only we call it together,
the weather when flowers blossom will come.”

o mitwa, sun mitwa,
tujhko kya Dar hai re
ye dharti apni hai,
apna ambar hai re
tu aaja re

Music video performed by Misfire Gang from Auckland

You can vote now even you are not enrol

This year,  you can enrol anytime, even on Election day Saturday 17 October.

You can also enrol at a voting place when you go to vote or enrol online before you vote. 

If you're not enrolled when you get to a voting place, you'll need to fill out an enrolment form and a 'special declaration vote' form. Someone will be there to guide you and answer your questions.

For enrol online, you will need to have your New Zealand driver licence or New Zealand passport or RealMe verified identity.

To get an enrolment form you can call 0800 36 76 56, or text your name and address to 3676,  or visit

If you move to a different place or change your name you must update your information on the electoral roll.

Remember, in New Zealand, you must enrol if you are:

  • 18 years or older, and have lived in New Zealand for more than one year at some time in your life, and
  • A New Zealand citizen who is living in New Zealand now, or
  • A permanent resident who is living in New Zealand now

About the 2020 General Election and referendums

At the 2020 General election, you get two votes

  • One to choose Political Group you want to be the New Zealand Government
  • The other one to choose Person you want to represent your local area in Parliament. 


Sample voting papers for the general and Maori electorates

At this year’s general election, you can also vote in two referendums

  • End of Life Choice referendums
  • Cannabis Legalisation referendums

You vote by answering the referendum questions with Yes or No


Sample voting paper for the referendums

You can go to to find out more about General Election and referendums!

How to vote?: Voting started on 3 October

If you’re in New Zealand, you can vote from Saturday 3 October to 7 p.m. on election day, Saturday 17 October. You can vote from overseas from Wednesday 30 September.

Go to and find out your nearest voting place, there will be someone at the voting place to show you what to do.

If you enrolled by September 13, you would get your EasyVote card.

When you vote, please take it with you and give it to the person that works at the voting place.

If you do not have an EasyVote card you will have to tell the person who works at the voting places your full name and address.


You will get two voting papers, one for General Election, and the other one for referendums: 

  • When you've finished marking your voting papers, fold them in half.
  • Place your voting paper for the election in the voting box for your electorate. If you’re voting in a Maori electorate, the box will be grey. If you’re voting in a general electorate, the box will be orange.
  • Place your referendum voting paper in the purple voting box.

Please use the hand sanitiser provided before you leave.

Congratulations! You voted!

If you need help to read or mark your voting papers, a friend, family member or electoral official can be your support person.

To find out more go to