The national party has taken a generational change by electing Simon Bridges as their new Leader. 

One of the key suggestions that Mr Bridges has given immediately after his election was that his new team would be a mix of experience and fresh talent. 

Against this backdrop, it would be interesting to see if any of the two Kiwi-Indian MPs could possibly get a promotion in National’s revamped team. 

Earlier today, the National caucus has elected Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett as their new Leader and deputy, thus bidding adieu to the John Key-Bill English days. 

During Key-English days, the Party has been in power for almost a decade, polling always at the high 40s. 

It was during that era if that can be termed as an era, that the Kiwi-Indian community got their first India MP in Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi elected to parliament in 2008. 

Later Dr Parmjeet Parmar was also elected as the second Kiwi-Indian MP in 2014. 

Now with this “generational change” in the Party, it would be interesting to see what it will augur for the Kiwi-Indian community. 

Would a promotion for anyone of the existing two Kiwi-Indian MPs is in the order or not remains to be seen.