A sneak peek into what makes the Indian Theater Festival special

The Indian Theatre Festival being presented by Rangmanch and Indian Weekender is all set to not just be a treat to your senses and a high dose on culture but comes to you supporting a cause. The profits from ticket sales will be donated to the Nepal Earthquake Relief fund and Kids Heart Charity. So this then becomes an opportunity for the entire community to come out and support this festival for a cause.

There are expected to be some other exciting promotions that will be taking place during the festival so there is a lot to look forward to.

This week the spotlight is on the Bengali play and Rizwan Mohammad from the Indian Weekender caught up with the cast and crew of this play and spoke to them about the preparations. So get to know the people behind the characters:

Santanu: This is my first play in Bengali with Rangmanch but I have done a couple of plays earlier in Hindi. Being associated with Rangmanch for the last 5 years gives me immense joy and pleasure to say that this is one of the best platforms for theatre acting. In the play called ‘Gulbaj’ The Man of the Match, I have one of the key roles, playing a young entrepreneur and a lover to the central character. ‘Gulbaj’ is a very interesting character and I am ‘would’ be son-in-law of ‘Jahar’. We have been practicing for the last 3 months, 3 times a week and it is very exciting.

Ujjal: Director and central character of the play, it tells the story of a common man mad for Cricket. ‘Gulbaj’ which means a ‘bluffer’, his real name is ‘Jahar’ and he is so crazy about cricket that he eats sleeps and dreams only about cricket. The play is more like a black comedy and the audience at the end will be left with a heavy heart and it will make them to ponder about life. The play was originally written by Sohan Bandhopadhyay called ‘Natarango’ and we have taken the rights to enact it on Rangmanch. This is very rare that cricket is projected and is important part of a play and the story revolves around it. The theme is unique and I think everyone should watch it at least once.

Poulami: We come from a very lower middle class of the society and my father had tough relationship with my mother who passed away. He is very close to his daughter which is my and I am a primary school teacher and often does odd jobs to support my father. The character is in love with a young man and has to leave her father to be with her partner, there the story becomes complex. I am a social worker by profession, I have done Bengali plays here but it is my 1st venture with Rangmanch. The script is awesome and is like everyone can relate to.

Nirmita: I have a small but important role in ‘Gulbaj’ where I play the role of the secretary of a rich person who lives abroad. My character is called ‘Tina’ and is trying to convince ‘Gulbaj’ the title character to give some inside information about the cricket club he used to play with. I am very excited to be associated with Rangmanch; I mostly work backstage and have done several dance numbers in Bengali and Hindi here in Auckland. By profession I am a teacher at St. Dominic’s Primary School in Blockhouse Bay.

Taposh: I am having been with Rangmanch from its very inception in 2008, I love acting and comedy is my favorite genre in acting. I play the role of a psychiatrist called ‘Sagar Nil Dutta’ and I am here to make a documentary on my father who was an industrialist and a chief patron of the cricket club in which ‘Jahar’ played, and was also a close associate of my father. Currently I am working as the store assistant manager of Briscoes in Henderson.

Sahid: I play the character of Ujwal’s friend and his support, it a supporting role but it gives a connection to the theatre genre. I was a pharmacist in Bangladesh, living here with my 2 kids and grandkids for the last 4 years. I would like to ask every theatre lover and even newbies to come and enjoy the plays organised by Rangmanch.

Vijayendra: I play the role of a Sardar called ‘Joginder’ who has loaned money to Shantanu to start business but he is unable to pay his debts and trouble begins. I am also playing the role in the Hindi play and I am software developer by profession in Auckland. I urge everyone to come and watch the magnificent plays on Rangmanch platform.