The excitement and the buzz build up with just a few hours to go for the much-awaited Musical Programme of Rangmanch – Down Memory Lane.

The rehearsals are in full swing; the artistes are all in their final stages of preparation – practising and perfecting their numbers.

As the curtain awaits to be pulled – we had a catch up with the lead singers, Gopal Bhatia, Arif Zia and Arpita Chanda who is also singing a few duets with Gopal and Arif.

All of them are very excited about the show and all expect the performance to reach a higher level than before.

Hemant Thaker is a strict taskmaster planning and scheduling all details on the musical part of the show.

Pavitra Roy, the President of Rangmanch, felt very happy and confident in saying that this show will have its own special touches and be a bit different from several other Bollywood shows happened in this wonderful multicultural city.

He joined all the performers and the back-stage crew and the admin team of Rangmanch in extending their invitation to all to come for the show. Anyone who doesn't come will certainly miss the magic of the old Bollywood songs which have remained forever gold.

Anyone coming will surely get a feel of the amazing preparation the group has done. Gopal, Arif and everyone in the team are ready with their numbers waiting with excitement to perform.

Arpita is also a happy member of the performing group, who needs no introduction to the music lovers of Auckland. A super talented singer took the Auckland audience by storm a few years back when she first made her debut here.

Well trained in Hindustani Classical music, she is from New Delhi with a rich family lineage in music. She has been a judge in a music contest in Auckland for several Years.

She loves Mohammad Rafi and Kishore Kumar. As a singer of immense skill, she is equally adept with songs of both LataMangeshkar and Asha Bhosle, the two iconic playback singers of Bollywood.

She will be the perfect foil for both Gopal and Arif when they sing a few duets together.

Event: Down Memory Lane – A Musical Journey in Tribute to Mohammad Rafi and Kishore Kumar

When: 6:30 p.m. Saturday, March 3, 2018.

Where: Dorothy Winstone Centre, Auckland Girls Grammar School, 16 Howe Street, Auckland