This refreshingly nostalgic song written in 1975 defined the recent show- Guftagu with Gulzar.

The show presented by Arun Nanda and Rushi Dave of Heart & Soul Productions set a benchmark with its elegance, setting and format.

Conducted in a sophisticated and graceful style it had a classy audience of young and old who really appreciated the importance of meaningful lyrics and sensitivity that Gulzar Saab's words are known for.

Gulzar Saab is a Bollywood icon who needs no introduction.

A legend who has won an Oscar, a Grammy, numerous Filmfare awards, National Film Award, Dadasaheb Phalke and Sahitya Akademy Award among many other accolades is not just an acclaimed lyricist but also a sensitive poet and a filmmaker par-excellence with various commercially successful films to his credit.

Guftagu with Gulzar- a show curated by talented Salim Arif was a welcome change from regular, clichéd Bollywood shows.

The show might be considered a milestone in Auckland's entertainment landscape and showed the kind of appetite Auckland has for intelligent entertainment. 

The setting of the show was a conversation between Salim Arif and Gulzar which touched upon various phases of Gulzar Saab’s illustrious career spanning more than 50 years. Gulzar Saab shared stories and other facets of his life which audience might not have been aware of earlier.

The audience also got a glimpse of the feelings behind his soul-stirring words that have touched our hearts for so many years.

He shared how he has been able to change the style of his poetry and lyrics to suit the modern generation with a shorter attention span. His humour and wit left the audience craving for more.

The audience was given a chance to ask questions and they grabbed the chance with both hands.

Gulzar Saab was asked questions that clearly showed the love and devotion that the lovers of Bollywood have in their hearts.

Gulzar Saab then stood up and read some of his poems which are possibly even more heartfelt than his lyrics.

Poems that evoke emotions such as pain, joy, nostalgia and are a mirror to the world we live in. They make as much a political statement as highlight a lover’s plight.

Gulzar Saab is known as a magician of words and the audience was witness to the magic as he spoke in his deep baritone reciting his popular poems.

By the time he finished, the audience was mesmerised, almost in a trance and did not want him to stop.

The show later changed gear and Auckland’s known talented singers like Umesh Sharma, Avish Sharma, Rini Chakravarti, Shweta Diwekar and Hemant Shirsat took to stage.

They enthralled the audience with their soulful renditions of Gulzar Saab’s most memorable songs. 

Auckland’s discerning audience would like to thank Arun and Rushi for bringing this living legend to New Zealand and giving us a lifetime opportunity to see this magician cast his spell.