Spreading the flavour of diverse Konkani culture, traditions, music and language among its diaspora settled in Auckland is “Susegad Danpaar” [meaning Calm, Peaceful afternoon], a community radio program launched on 104.6 Planet FM. Broadcast every Saturday at 15.45 hours, Susegad Danpaar brings alive Konkani melodies from across the years.

The programme is an endeavour of “Good Guys”, a group of like-minded people whose aim is to help establish a cohesive and vibrant Konkani speaking community in Auckland says Hector of the Good Guys. “Our first project was the screening of the film, ‘Nachom ia Kumpasar’ (Dance to the Rhythm) in Auckland mid-last year. The film was a tribute to the Konkani musicians of yesteryears, who continue to have a significant influence on the community”.

Following the success of the movie screening, Good Guys, identified radio as a most effective medium to reach the Konkani speaking diaspora in Auckland. Our key focus, says Baptist …. “…is not only to popularise Konkani music, but also the language, especially among the youth. We also want to recognise and acknowledge accomplished community members by inviting them on the program.” The radio programs will be hosted by different Konkani speaking communities, with a combination of Konkani music – both traditional and contemporary, talk shows combined with music, short radio plays and Konkani commentary.

“In the long run, we’d like to get a team of youngsters to keep the program going, remain connected to their heritage and an opportunity to express and develop their talents.” Says Richard.

Susegad Danpaar is on air every Saturday at 15.45 hours on 104.6 Planet FM or online at www.planetaudio.org.nz/susegaddanpaar.