Physiologists suggest that there is a fundamental principle that guides our body to live, think, eat, digest, reproduce and move. It is this defense mechanism that helps our body to repel invading organisms and keeps all the internal biological functions running smoothly.

Homoeopathy called this the vital force, or principle — in modern medicine it is the immunity.

Modern day hectic lifestyles are affecting the immune system in a highly negative way. The immune system is a complex arrangement that involves the liver, spleen, thymus, the lymphatic system and bone marrow, which work in tandem to maintain resistance to disease. This immunity is partly inherited & also depends upon the lifestyle that individuals choose to adopt.

Instead of waiting for the body to heal itself or looking for alternatives like herbal antibiotics, the tendency is to rush to conventional antibiotics for quick relief. In most of the cases immune system / health is compromised due to an excessive use of antibiotics. Moreover, antibiotics cease to be effective if taken without proper diagnosis or prescribed without determining the specific bacteria causing the disease. Ginger and other dried herbs steeped in boiling water, e.g., will relieve symptoms of sore throat, common cold while boosting immune system health.

Homeopathy provides another natural alternative. Homeopathy believes that the same substance that causes a disease will cure it in its diluted form. E.g., coffee leads to sleeplessness but a remedy prepared from coffee itself will ultimately cure it. Some of the basic principles of homoeopathy is to boost the immune system so that the body can heal by itself.

The focus of treatment: Homeopathic remedies stimulate the immune system wich in turn assist the body in repairing any imbalances that may have occurred. The immune system has to be in perfect strength to perform its functions.

In homeopathy, an appropriate remedy is selected on the basis of the constitution of each individual after considering physical, mental and emotional symptoms. The homeopathic Materia Medica contains a detailed description of each remedy with characteristic signs & symptoms it covers.
Homeopathy differs from conventional medicine in which one medicine is made to “fit” all — notwithstanding each person’s unique individuality and temperament. Homeopathic remedies are non-habit forming, gentle, many times less expensive than prescription medication, and at the same time focus on strengthening the immune system to increase the body’s capability of self-healing.

It is when the balance is thrown off that inflammation begins as a self-correcting response to an accumulation of excess toxins, triggering infections such as tonsillitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, cystitis, vaginitis, otitis media and all the other medical terms for particular types of inflammation. Excess toxins may enter the body in many ways. Some are just by-products of living. Others are from injuries, taking drugs or alcohol, cigarette smoking, breathing polluted air, consuming pesticides in foods, or by allergic reactions.

Every person can help to unburden their own immune system with some easy ways. Make sure that the bowels function daily, drinking adequate pure water so that the urine flow is over one quart a day for adults and cleaning the sweat from your body daily with a bath or clean cloths. Sweat a few times a week whether from exercise, a sauna or the hot weather of summer. Breathing easily and deeply in an unrestricted way is important and exercise can help you do that.

For about six months after birth, a baby is usually protected from the majority of childhood diseases by the presence of maternal antibodies. This protection is further strengthened if the baby is breastfed. After six months the child becomes susceptible as the antibodies degenerate. It is impossible to give 100% protection by vaccination and no vaccinations give lifelong immunity on single dose.

“Strong immunity is the key”
In homeopathy, we believe that the best way to fight disease is to have a strong immune system and therefore a reduced susceptibility to disease. We are all exposed to the same viruses and bacteria but those with a robust immune system will be able to throw off infection with minimum discomfort.

Having treated patients in my practice for various childhood diseases including measles, chicken pox, rubella, scarlet fever, mumps and whooping cough, I have seen how effective homoeopathy can be. With gentle yet powerful homoeopathic remedies, parents can strengthen their families' immune system and treat diseases.

Author's Bio:
Dr. Kuldip a visionary entrepreneur, has deftly combined professional excellence and personal achievement with social commitment and contribution. Single-handedly responsible for pioneering modern Homeopathy and extending the medical benefits of this gentle & safe medical system with path-breaking commercial as well as charitable initiatives in India & now available in New Zealand.